Charlotte Symphony Orchestra (2011)
Kimberly as Theodora Giselevska
Sara as Cousin Duck
Michael as Sam-I-Am

Jacomo Bairos Rafael, conductor
& Maya Carpenter

Charlotte Parent Magazine

Green Eggs and Ham Concert Awesome

By Maya Carpenter
March 30, 2011

I had never been to see the Charlotte Symphony Orchestra, so I didn’t know what to expect. Michael Boudewyns came onto the stage and told the conductor he wanted to audition to play a book. He pulled The Cat in the Hat out of his suitcase and played every character in the book. The way he played the pet fish was very funny! After this, actress Sara Valentine came on stage and everyone thought she was Mother Goose. She explained that she was a relative of Mother Goose and her name was Cousin Duck. Cousin Duck wanted the orchestra to play some French music, so she pulled out some stories from her bag and the orchestra played the music to them. This was Mother Goose Suite by Maurice Ravel. After she was done telling the stories to the music, an actress named Kimberly Schroeder came out and she and Mr. Boudewyns (Sam I Am) performed Green Eggs and Ham. She played a soprano and her voice was beautiful.

When Green Eggs and Ham ended, Cousin Duck and Sam I Am asked the conductor to do one more song. Cousin Duck pulled the book Harry Potter out of her bag and the orchestra played “Hedwig’s Theme” so well that it sounded just like the movie.

Overall, the music was awesome, the acting was terrific, and the show was educational and fun! I got to meet the cast of actors from Really Inventive Stuff and conductor Jacomo Rafael Bairos after the show. They were all really nice...I know I’d like to go back!l